Craig Weis : Owner

Craig Weis


My interest in building and creating things most likely came from two sources. One was my father, who was a civil engineer. The other, my summers spent working in heavy construction while pursuing a degree in fine arts and education. I started out working in a small company manufacturing Euro-designed windows and doors here in Asheville, NC. I left to start my own business, Architectural Woodcraft. I saw a great opportunity to work not only in the restoration of buildings in Western North Carolina, but of new architectural designs, too. My goal is to create this finest finished product whether historic or contemporary.

Matt Morrissey :

Matt Morrissey

For as long as Matt can remember he has been immersed in the woodworking craft. Starting at the age of three he watched his father craft a sixteen foot sailing dory unaware that the seeds of a lifetime of woodworking and carpentry had been planted. At the age of sixteen, following in his father's footsteps he built an ultra-light canoe and various other projects throughout high school. In 1990 he attended Ferris State University in Michigan to pursue a degree in construction management. Matt came to find his passions lay more in the woodworking craft he had loved throughout his life, rather than the broader field of construction. After a few years of traveling in a 1973 VW Beetle he landed in the great town of Asheville in 1994. Over the last fourteen years he has put his heart and soul into designing and building custom cabinetry, furniture, doors, windows, and wood products throughout Asheville.

This work is a true labor of love for Matt, though the rewards are not in the objects he creates, but in the ability to transform the environments in which we live and work.

Shane Martin :

Shane Martin

Shane attended Haywood Community College's Professional Crafts for Woodworking program. He has been a cabinetmaker for 15 years, and has done many unique and custom projects. His other interests are riding his classic motorcycle. And tipping a pint from time to time.

Todd Dupuis :

Todd Dupuis

Growing up in western Massachusetts, Todd was exposed at an early age to home restoration projects, many of which date to the colonial period. His father, a welder by trade, spent 25 years restoring an old home which he had rescued from the brink of demolition. Helping his father on that project created a love for old homes and woodworking that allowed him to get experience in various fields of construction from timber framing to cabinet making. After moving to Asheville, Todd spent two years working for a builder of custom homes before joining the Architectural Woodcraft team. Todd's can-do attitude makes him equally valuable in the field restoring vintage windows or in the shop producing doors and cabinets.

When not working, Todd spends his free time with his family and building motorcycles.

Jennifer Welch : Office Manager

Jennifer Welch

Office Manager

Jennifer is a native Ashevillian. She started her career in accounting long before she graduated from Reynolds High School. She attended Western Carolina University and Asheville-Buncombe Technical Community College with an Accounting Major.

Jennifer is not only passionate about her work, but her family as well. Husband, Johnny, and their four children love the time they spend together. Power lifting, martial arts, softball, playing in the back yard, hiking, and bike riding are just a few of her favorite things to do.

Jennifer was excited to come to work with Architectural Woodcraft. Their love of the art of custom woodcrafting runs though her as well. Her Grandpa was a self-taught carpenter. She spent many hours along side of his work bench helping in any way she could with his projects.