• Bedroom bump-out with lower awnings
  • Front view showing large copper-clad clear story
  • Cantilevered bedroom and bath with lift sllide doors and windows
  • Large double lift slide door, lower level
  • Prospective of bump-outs and window fenestration
  • Porch with large French doors and window wall
  • Frosted glass lift slide in master bedroom, framed in steel
  • Master bedroom window wall with awnings below, looking out

We built and installed all the windows and doors for this custom home on Mountain Air.  We met and surpassed the LEAD points for this Energy Star rated project. We built Euro Lift/Slide and French door systems, as well as, casement and awning windows. A mechanized window system was installed for high reaching windows, to allow one touch ventilation.

Craig and his group at Architectural Woodcraft are not just woodworkers but artisans.

Sandra Bearden
This project is listed in these categories: Doors & Windows, New Constuction