• Living area cabinetry
    Living area cabinetry
  • Entrance system with glass
    Front entry with pivot door
  • Pivot Door
    Front entry with open door view
  • Door Corner Detail
    Detail of seamless mitered corner at pivot door
  • Kitchen Riff sawn white Oak
    Kitchen cabinetry
  • custom made dining table
    This is a custom made white oak slab dining table with bookmatched top and inlaid exposed metal inlay on table surface.
  • IMG_0307
    This is a continuation of the kitchen cabinetry incorporating a custom closet and window seat
  • Side view of door system
    Front entry side view showing side lites

This is a very contemporary home. We were involved with most of the cabinetry- lift slide door, pivot door, floating cabinets and all interior doors. The primary material was rift sawn oak utilizing close tolerances with reveals around the perimeters of the cabinetry and doors.

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